Lets Build Together for a Sustainable Future.

At Specialised Structures we understand the importance of sustainability, we are proudly a New Zealand business committed to our environmental, social and economic responsibilities. At Specialised Structures we have always maintained our commitment to specify and source products locally within New Zealand, knowing this as a key component to achieve our environmental, social and economic objectives. Our main material component of our portal frame building system is cold rolled steel. Chosen for a number of key reasons:

We’ve faced competition in the market from companies choosing to import cheaper steel products, following the covid pandemic there has been more support for New Zealand products, largely due to delays in receiving imports, at Specialised Structures we have remained true to using New Zealand steel as we have always done. With the rise in imported steel products coming into New Zealand with unknown performance and credentials confusing the marketplace, New Zealand Steel sort to differentiate New Zealand’s steel and demonstrate its integrity by seeking Environmental Choice Licences 4109060 & 5717145 to showcase New Zealand made steel as the obvious choice for those of us seeking quality and environmentally sound products.

The cold rolled steel components of our portal frame building system are roll formed by Steel & Tube, whom we have partnered with for over 20yrs, for Steel & Tube sustainability is a key strategic focus with the manufacturer well positioned to respond to a low emission future and is supportive of New Zealand’s net-zero ambitions by 2050. Steel & Tube holds a Gold Certification from the Sustainable Steel Council and are approved partners of New Zealand Steel under their Environmental Choice Licences.

For Specialised Structures it’s important we know, where and how our materials are manufactured and the products lifecycle. As a New Zealand business we are committed to supporting New Zealand made whenever possible.

Steel is part of a sustainable future.

Join us in shaping the future of construction in New Zealand. Contact our team today to discuss your project, explore our innovative solutions, and discover how we can create a superior, sustainable, and structurally sound steel building that exceeds your expectations. Lets Build Together.


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