Specialised Structures have you covered for shelters and canopies in NZ.

Specialised Structures have your commercial, industrical, rural and residential shelter and canopy needs covered. If you need a shelter for industrial, agricultural, residential any other use, we’ve got a perfect solution for you. We’re also a trusted shelter and canopy supplier for schools and sports groups.

Our system is designed to give you peace of mind, Built strong to protect you and your assets from the tough New Zealand conditions, like sun, rain, hail, and even snow.



If you’re looking for robust and long-lasting shelters or canopies to protect your people, vehicles, machinery, or livestock, you can trust Specialised Structures. We supply ideal shelters and canopies to meet many Kiwi needs. We provide a range of structures for many purposes, including large-scale commercial and industrial projects, sports venues, and domestic and commercial carports.


We specialise in designing and building a wide range of shelters and canopies for commercial or residential uses. With Specialised Structures, you get an excellent design service, efficient construction methods, and an attractive and highly functional structure. Our cost-effective and specialised building solutions ensure you have the best environment for your business, farm or domestic needs.


Flexible. Commercial, industrial, and residential shelters and canopies all need flexibility to accommodate changing needs. Specialised Structures will customise your structure to fit your needs and aesthetics.

Freestanding or attached. Our shelters and canopies can be freestanding structures or attached to existing buildings.

Additional features. If you have any functional or aesthetic features you wish to add, we can fully customise a design to suit your project needs.

Considered. We consider the end use, functionality, aesthetics, and cost to ensure we provide you with a structure that adds value.


We have years of experience building many different types of shelters and canopies. Over this time, we’ve honed our skills to bring you the highest-quality structures.

We’re 100% New Zealand-owned and operated and are proud to be considered as experts at providing robust shelters and canopies.

We’re committed to quality and make sure that every shelter and canopy meets the highest quality and safety standards.

We put your satisfaction first. Join our long list of happy customers who entrusted us with their shelter and canopy needs.

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FAQs for Shelters and Canopies

Our shelters are customised to meet business, industrial, or domestic needs. Our structures are durable, offer a range of features, and offer flexibility and scalability.
We understand that every project has unique requirements, so our shelters and canopies offer customisable options.

While both offer protection from the elements, there are some key differences:

Canopies: Mainly offer overhead protection from sun, rain, and wind. They are typically open on the sides and may not offer complete enclosure.

Shelters: Offer more comprehensive protection, with walls and a roof that provide a fully enclosed space. This can be useful for storage, creating a designated workspace, or providing complete weather protection.

The ideal size depends on the intended use:

Number of people or items to be covered: Consider the space needed for comfortable movement or storage.

Available space: Ensure the chosen size fits comfortably in your designated area.

Local building regulations: Check for any size restrictions in your area.

Our shelters and canopies are versatile and can be used for a range of purposes, including sheltering people, animals, vehicles, and machinery.
We are 100% New Zealand-owned and operated and have a long history of satisfying commercial and domestic customer needs.
Contact us and we will guide you through the construction process. We’ll identify your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have. We’ll then work with you to design a tailored solution.

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