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  • Specialised Structures take care of the whole building process for you, from concept to completion.
  • We look after design, engineering, council consents and the actual construction of your building.
  • Alternatively we can work with your chosen architect or builder.
  • We work with a wide range of high quality materials, sourced at a good price.
  • We’ve worked on multiple projects in our network, covering everything from commercial builds to Freestall Cow Barns, homes, sheds and garages. You’ll be in good hands.
  • Each of our buildings is engineered specifically to the site requirements, taking into account terrain, snow loads, wind and earthquake demands – built to withstand your local conditions.
  • We only deliver quality. And our reputation depends on it.
Yes you can. We can work with your architect to provide the materials and or construct your building.

Yes you can. We can provide the materials as a kitset so that you can undertake the construction process with your own builder.

Cost is determined by design and size, the more detailed and highly specified (eg. higher quality materials), the higher the rate will be per m². Your chosen site may also affect cost.

There is no point in designing up a building for you if it’s unaffordable for you, so be open and honest about what you can or are willing to spend on the project, that way our teams can be open and honest about what we can achieve for you and ensure the project doesn’t run over budget.

A building consent is gaining your local Council’s written authority to carry out building work. It is only issued if Council considers that the work will comply with the Building Code and provided the building work is completed in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted with the building consent application.

You need to get a building consent before doing almost any building work.

There are a few exemptions (see here for more details).

You can apply yourself, but your application has to comply with the Building Code and you must provide all the necessary documentation – and there’s a lot!

Specialised Structures are happy to get building consent on your behalf – we have a good idea what’s required!

At Specialised Structures, we like to be part of your building process right from the start – to ask you all the right questions (discovering what you need is our first step) so we can design something just right. We can save you a lot of money getting involved in the design process because we have our own design and quantity surveying tool, plus we have a lot of experience in recommending the right cost-effective materials to ensure you stay within your budget. To book a free consultation with us, freephone 0508 78 78 28 to get in touch with your nearest Specialised Structures branch.

At Specialised Structures we pride ourselves on providing you with a great building experience. That is a quality building, on budget and on time, but most importantly, no surprises.

Things do happen which are beyond our control. And so, we are great believers in constant communication with our clients through every stage of the building process. We’ll be in touch always, letting you know what’s happening and what we’ll be doing to make up for any delays.

Not all builders are created equal. Things to consider when choosing your builder are:

  • How many years’ experience do they have?
  • Do they use quality materials?
  • Are they specialists in the type of work you would like done?
  • Are they a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP)?
  • If a quote is cheaper, are you comparing like for like design, materials and project management details?

At Specialised Structures we believe in providing you with a very comprehensive overview of the likely costs of a building. We are very specific about inclusions and exclusions, pricing every detail we know to be necessary for a quality build. No hidden costs.

On completion of your building, Specialised Structures will be back on site after three months for a comprehensive free-maintenance check-up. By this time, we would expect your building to be in use. And we can make sure everything is working as it should.

Zincalume® or Colorsteel® roofing and cladding is covered by Steel & Tubes’ Warranty Plus, which offers you durability and performance warranties for at least 15 years*.

*Subject to location and use.

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