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Leasing or purchasing an existing commercial building often comes with a list of compromises that could affect your profitability.

With Specialised Structures you get excellent design service, efficient construction methods, and ultimately an attractive and highly functional commercial building.

Commercial projects often include additional elements, such as Fire Design, Compliance Reports, Ventilation Design, Site Car parking, Accessibility, the list goes on. At Specialised Structures we have the team of professionals who are able to handle all these elements, we have the experience and expertise in this unique building market.

A cost-effective and specialised building solution is vital to ensuring you have an optimal environment to run your business operations. It’s all about building design and construction efficiency and that’s where we come in. Whether you’re wanting to build a warehouse, office, retail display building, or a combination of those, Specialised Structures will provide you with effective solutions to your commercial building projects. We design around each need and desire you have for your building, to ensure your building is as useful as possible, and saves you time and additional expense throughout its lifetime.

We have a proven record of successful construction of commercial buildings throughout New Zealand including a diverse range of commercial building projects. Some of our commercial property projects include industrial buildings, warehouses, offices, storage buildings, logistics, wineries, breweries, aircraft hangars and multi-purpose buildings.

We also work with clients to create commercial buildings for lease. These properties are built to help the client with their investment portfolio, enabling them to generate profit from the building as an investment asset for the future.


Commercial and Industrial developments require flexibility, they can include warehousing, offices, showrooms, manufacturing, any other spaces of a combination of these. At Specialised Structures we customise your building to your requirements.


We approach every project with careful consideration, we consider the end use, functionality, aesthetics and cost to ensure we deliver our clients with a new building that will add value to their business.

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