Barns & Habitable

A building is a big investment so talk to the experts, Specialised Structures.

Build something unique. A Specialised Structure.

Specialised Structures Barns are available in any shape, size, or design, for all number of uses you can think of, with or without our mezzanine floor system, clad to your choice, lined to your choice, verandah’s, decks, the options are limitless with Specialised Structures, as we custom design and build to suit our clients requirements from standard Barns to so much more.

Barns serve a wide range of purposes for both business and personal needs. A Specialised Structure’s barn can be built for commercial and agricultural use, or as a building incorporating living quarters and garage spaces, custom designed to suit your needs.

Specialised Structures offer vast experience and knowledge of habitable construction, we understand insulation, ventilation, thermal breaks, and strengthening a structure to allow for internal linings, these are hugely important if you’re looking to live in a shed home.

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